Letting go

I belong to an online artists group on Facebook. It has really been a source of inspiration for me. It's a place where we can share techniques, business tips, and just plain vent. It was created by artist Jeanne Bessette.  She's an amazing artist, mentor and teacher.  You should check out her work!!

Anyway,  I've been artistically blocked for a few weeks. I've been constantly questioning my choices, my techniques, basically everything about me as an artist.  Everything I talked about in my last post.  I haven't even been able to enter the studio. I walk in and walk right back out.

Yesterday, after reading so many posts from other artists about just letting go, I decided to do just that.  I grabbed a canvas I had already started work on and wasn't happy with where it was going.  I covered in in yellow gesso because I've realized a plain white canvas scares the crap out of me. Then I just sat there and stared. And stared. And stared some more. Forcing myself to stay in the room.

So I turned on some obnoxious dance music. I love me some Ke$ha. I took my favorite blue and put a ton of it on my palette. I closed my eyes, stuck my fingers in that paint and just started playing.

AND IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! The second I applied that paint, I was lost. Lost in the paint, the colors, the textures, and music.  A little voice in my head tried to bring up all my insecurities but I told her to shut the fuck up. And I continued. And I let go. And I painted from ME.

Below is the end result. And I love it.

Love Tsunami  24"x 24" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas  $1150

Love Tsunami

24"x 24" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas