Getting ready

I'm getting ready for my very first real public showing.  Which means I'm spending approximately 95% of my time twitting out and 5% actually working!

I'm super excited and super worried.  The same old nagging thoughts are going through my head. "Are you ready?" "Are you good enough?" "What if no one likes your work?" "What if no one shows up to your opening reception?" "Are you just crazy to think you can do this?". I could go on and on with what my ego keeps yelling at me.  But then I tell myself,  "I just have to do this". I HAVE to put myself out there. I'm already out here in internetland. Now it's time to be real.  No regrets.

If you're in the Des Moines area, I would love for you to stop in and see my paintings. They will be on display at Ritual Cafe from June 14th until July 31st.  The opening reception is on Saturday June 15th from 4 pm - 6pm.