She's finally done...

Today I made it a priority to finally finish my painting of Tress.  Tress is one of the best people I know.  I met her 20-mumble mumble years ago at college.  The first day of class (art history class to be exact!), a girl walks up to me and asks me about my t-shirt. I was wearing a Lollapalooza t-shirt. That t-shirt made me a lot of friends. I miss that shirt.

Anyway,  we struck up a conversation about our mutual love of Perry Farrell and I'm so glad I did.  I haven't seen Tress since college but we've kept in touch through email and facebook.  She is by far the nicest, kindest, generous and loveliest person I know.  I think she's beautiful, so I needed to paint her.  She doesn't know. :)

So.... I give you....a sneak peak... of.... Tress

Full view is available in Portraits