Making Stuff

I struggle with making art for art sake. I appreciate art for art sake. But I can't seem to let myself make art for art sake. I feel like everything has to have a purpose.

Maybe that stems from my love of crafts, which usually have a history of purpose. Quilts for blankets. Knitting for clothing and blankets. Sewing for clothing...and blankets too.  They serve an important purpose and they can be incredibly beautiful.

Most paintings, while beautiful, are just that...something to look at and enjoy. Same with photography. Or sculpture.

So when I wanna paint, I get all stuck in my head thinking about it's "purpose". Whether people will like it. Who will buy it. Will it be a "thing". This is before I even make anything!! So then I get stuck and I end up not making anything. Dumb.

Today, I cut up some recycled wood (which I have a thing for and I can't quite figure it out...maybe it's that "purpose" thing). And then I painted the blocks. My brain keeps trying to go to "that place" but I'm trying to remind myself I'm making things for myself. No one else. No purpose. Just paint.

We'll see how long this lasts.